It’s no secret that women are vastly underrepresented in data science, one of the fastest growing careers. Each month, join Danielle Oberdier, Content Manager at Formulatedby and data scientist, as she interviews women in data science about broad issues, like building community, imposter syndrome, mentorship, and building alliances.

If you are a female data science practitioner, manager, or executive, or are interested in supporting women in data science, this is the podcast for you.

NEW – Episode Three

The Importance of Female-First Spaces

This month’s episode delves into the benefits and areas for improvement of female and gender minority first spaces within the realm of data science. Gabriela de Queiroz, Founder of R-Ladies, Erika Braithwaite, Co-Founder and CEO of Precision Analytics and Randi Ludwig, Data Scientist at Dell share the highlights of leading their respective female and gender minority first spaces while addressing issues involving these spaces’ development in general.

Episode Two

You’re Evolving Into Your Career

This month’s episode features high-power Viacom Executive Amy Yu, and esteemed Machine Learning Research Expert Friederike Schuur as they discuss their career histories and the future of work. Listen as a walk back through memory lane evolves into a riveting dialogue about the implications of gender in the data space and how female data leaders in particular can raise the industry to new heights.

Episode One

You’re Not An impostor

This month’s episode features renowned econometrician Amar Natt, Managing Director of Data Science at Econ One Research and Millennial Award Winner Kelsey Foster, Campaign Director at Committee for a Better New Orleans. Listen as a sharing of data tools and resources evolves into a meaningful discussion about imposter syndrome and how women in the data space can rise above it.