Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Ph.D

Provost & Chief Academic Officer at St Thomas University

An internationally recognized expert in the fields of knowledge management, business intelligence, entrepreneurship, and disaster management, is known and respected as a creative academic innovator. Has a broad educational background that spans the fields of engineering, IT and business. Since becoming Provost, she led STU’s renewed scholarship and launched 21 market-driven degrees and specializations, launched fully online programs, established the Student Success Center and made many structural changes aimed at improving business processes, resulting in significant increases in enrollment, retention and graduation. Prior to STU, served in a number of academic and senior management positions at FIU since 1994.The partnerships she created and nurtured at FIU helped raise its international recognition for contributions to the community. At FIU, she succeeded in a variety of complex challenges, from improved graduation rates to donor relations, and increased resource acquirement. Past Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Founder of the Americas Venture Capital Conference.Co-led task forces to improve student writing and College Algebra passing rates,through the implementation of pedagogical reforms. Prior Director of the FIU Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center. MIT Sloan Visiting Scholar with the Center for Information Systems Research.Has studied and advised organizations, in particular NASA, about KM practices. Founded the KM Lab, funded by NSF, NASA (Kennedy, Ames, and Goddard), and the Air Force.Published extensively in leading journals and author of Business Intelligence:Practices, Technologies,and Management (Wiley) & Knowledge Management:Systems and Processes (M.E.Sharpe) among others.Past member of New World Angels.Prior to academia,was an Engineer at Florida Power and Light. Has delivered many invited presentations at many NASA and Navy Centers, universities and international conferences.Served in Editorial boards.First woman to earn engineering PhD at FIU.