Mauro Damo

Sr Data Scientist at Dell Technologies

Mauro Damo works with organizations to help them identify, develop and implement analytical solutions focusing on solve business problems.

As Senior Data Scientist, he developed and implemented a wide range of analytical projects in several industries like Mortgage Insurance, Retail,  Financial Brokers Companies, Cable Companies, non-governmental organizations, Health Care and Supply Chain in wide range of customers in Americas.

He has a wide range of Supervised Models and Unsupervised Models like Time Series Models, Graphs Analysis, Optimization Models, Deep Learning Models, Neural Networks, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Tree Algorithms, Frequent Pattern Mining, Ensembles Models, Markov Chain, Gradient Descent and others.

He has written patents, several papers and keynote in national and international seminars

Mr Damo has Master of Science in Business, MBA in Finance, Undergraduate in Business and Associate in Computer Science

Main programming languages are R, Python and SQL